Appointed Person Refresher

Course Description

The Appointed Persons (Lifting) Training Course is aimed at people who plan lifting operations in Ireland. This is only a 1-day Refresher course for candidates who have previously completed the full Apointed Person Course

Course Content; 

Legislation - Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005, General Applications 2007, Construction Regulations 2013, 
• Codes of practice - National Standards for the safe use of Cranes in Ireland 360:2004, reference to parts of BS7121 (UK crane reference material), Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Overhead Electricity Lines
• Roles and responsibilities of personnel involved with lifting operations – Appointed Person/Crane Co-Ordinator, Crane/Lift Supervisor, Crane Operator, Slinger Signaller.
• Crane appreciation - crane types, capabilities and limitations – choosing the right crane for the job.
• Duty charts – understanding and interpretation
• Crane terminology – understanding the language used in the industry
• Documentation and certification for lifting equipment and lifting accessories – 6 monthly, 12 monthly, lifting people.
• Crane stability/ground conditions – Ground Pressure Calculations, Working near Excavations/Trenches.
• Safe Load Indicators (SLI) and Safe Working Loads (SWL) – Understanding the crane SLI
• Lifting accessories – choosing the correct accessories for the job.
• Types of accessories and use -  different types and capabilities
• Slinging techniques – SWL of accessories, reductions in SWL
• Down rating of accessories – Mode Factors – 2 leg and 4 leg
• Sling angles – max angles of use – pressure in legs/slings
• Communications – hand signals, two way radio, crash radios-crane co-ordination
• Planning a lifting operation – completing a lift plan including a risk assessment, method statement, toolbox talk and relevant drawings.
• Written Test. 40 Questions, completing a full lift plan.

The candidate will receive notes through out the course which they can bring away with them, these will assist them in future planning of lifting operations and following regulations.
To be successful, the candidate must get 35 out of 40 questions correct and complete/follow the lift plan unaided.
Upon successful completion, the candidate will receive a Lantra accredited certification for Appointed Person / Crane Supervisor / Crane Co-Ordinator Card which is valid for 4 years.

This is a one-day refresher that must be completed every 4 years after the course.

Who Should Attend; 

Anyone who has completed the full Appointed Person course and needs a refresher after 4 years.

Course Duration; 

1 Day 


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