Signing, Lighting and Guarding at Roadworks (SLG)

Course Description

The Signing, Lighting, and Guarding at Roadworks (SLG) course is a comprehensive 3-day program designed to train individuals in planning, organizing, and controlling traffic management systems on roads. Emphasizing minimal delays and risks for road users, this course equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills. Successful completion of the course results in the issuance of a CSCS card and a SOLAS certificate, both valid for five years.


Course Content:

Day 1: Introduction to Traffic Management, Roadworks Classifications, Traffic Management Devices, Traffic Management Layouts, Semi Static Roadworks, Multiple Choice Exam.

Day 2: Traffic Management Applications, Planned Works, Traffic Management Checks, Site Records, Classroom Practical, Safe Systems of Installation / Removal, Site Practical.

Day 3: Site Practical Exam, Classroom Practical Exam.

The course provides theoretical and practical instruction, covering topics such as traffic management principles, device usage, layout design, and hands-on exercises. Assessment exams evaluate participants' proficiency in managing traffic at roadworks. Please note that course details may vary slightly depending on the training provider.


1. Valid Safe Pass card

2. Minimum 9 months experience on roads

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