Slinger Signaller / Banksman - Experienced Operator

Course Description

The Experienced Slinger Signaller/Banksman Course is a one day assesment designed to provide advanced training for individuals seeking to become skilled professionals in this role.

A slinger signaller/banksman plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and efficiency in lifting operations on construction sites and other work environments. They are responsible for guiding the movement of cranes, hoists, and other lifting equipment, as well as communicating with operators and ensuring loads are lifted, moved, and positioned safely.

This comprehensive course builds upon the foundational knowledge and skills of participants who already possess some experience in the field. It covers advanced topics such as

- Complex lifting scenarios

- Load calculations

- Risk assessment

- Communication techniques

- Signaling procedures

- Working with different types of lifting equipment.

Practical exercises and simulations provide hands-on experience to enhance proficiency.


By completing this course, participants gain the expertise and competence required to perform the role of a slinger signaller/banksman with confidence and precision. They acquire the necessary skills to ensure the safety of lifting operations and contribute to the smooth and efficient execution of construction projects.


1. Must posses a Safe Pass card

2. Must have six months experience within the last two years

3. Be at least 18 years of age

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