Advanced Chainsaw Training

Course Description

NCTS Ltd offer an Advanced Chainsaw course that covers the felling and processing of trees over 15” diameter.

This course is suited for candidates who intend to fell trees in excess of 380mm (15”).

Any candidates completing this course must hold 00201/00202(CS30) and 00204(CS31) prior to registering for this course.

The following PPE's are required for this training (Helmet, gloves, trousers, boots). All course participants must in good physical health and have a good level of physical fitness to complete this training.

Course Content; 

Identify the risk assessment and emergency procedures on a work site.

Select equipment require for safe and effective felling.

Fell medium sized trees safely and accurately using an appropriate method (Sned or de-limb).

Crosscut stems over guide bar length in diameter to a given specification.

Select winching equipment suitable for take down of a medium sized tree.

Take down a hung-up medium sized tree with a winch. 

Course Duration; 

4 Days