Fire Manager/Warden Training

Course Description

The Fire Manager/Warden Training equips participants to develop and implement a fire safety management system while ensuring staff members are trained for fire emergencies. This one-day course covers fire mechanics, extinguishers, flammable storage, passive and active safety features, compartmentation, means of escape, fire manager duties, risk assessment, record keeping, legislation, and Fire Authority liaison.


Course Content:

1. Fire mechanics, smoke, and dangerous gases.

2. Fire extinguishers and hose reel equipment.

3. Storage of flammable liquids and gases.

4. Passive and active fire safety features.

5. Elements of compartmentation.

6. Means of escape.

7. Fire manager duties.

8. Fire risk assessment.

9. Record keeping.

10. Legislation.

11. Liaison with the Fire Authority.

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