Chemical Handling

Course Description

The objective of the course is to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to assess the hazards presented by the use of chemicals in their workplace and to be able to identify the controls required.

Course Content; 

Legislation, duties of employees under 2005 Act;

Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Chemical Agents) Regulations 2001

Routes of entry and risks to health; (identification of participants' most significant routes of entry)

Types of Hazardous Substances - General

Substances in use at participants' workplaces (production; lab; stores etc)

Requirements for Labels and Signs

Material Safety Data Sheets

Hazardous material storage

Exposure Control

Risk assessment of handling activities at participants' workplaces and identification of the most hazardous.

Who Should Attend; 

Any employers and employees with responsibilities for managing the safe use of chemicals at work and implementing the requirements of current legislation.

Course Duration; 

1 Day 

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