NPORS 360 Telescopic Handler Assessment

Course Description

Course Title: NPORS 360 Telescopic Handler (Teleporter) Assessment 

Award: NPORS N138 Telescopic Handler with Suspended Loads (D) N010 Telescopic Handler 360 duties (J7)

Duration of certificate: 5 years

Course Description:

Our comprehensive course on NPORS 360 Telescopic Handler Operation covers essential knowledge and practical skills to ensure safe and efficient operation in compliance with manufacturers' requirements, regulations, and legislation. Participants will gain proficiency in the following areas:

1. Understanding Principal Components: Learn to identify and explain the purpose of key components, including controls, terminology, and basic construction of 360 Telescopic Handlers (Teleporter).

2. Pre-Start and Running Procedures: Master pre-start checks, running checks, and shutdown procedures according to manufacturer specifications outlined in the operator's handbook/manual.

3. Stability and Load Management: Gain insights into stability factors in both unladen and laden conditions, including load centers, load charts, safety devices, and relevant legislation.

4. Site Preparation and Travel: Learn to prepare and configure the 360 Telescopic Handler (Teleporter) for site and road travel, as well as placing the machine in an out-of-service condition. Develop awareness of on-site hazards.

5. Operational Skills: Acquire skills in operating the 360 Telescopic Handler in various conditions, such as forward/reverse travel, on level ground, undulating ground, and inclines, considering both unladen and laden conditions.

6. Load Handling Techniques: Understand different load types and characteristics, and learn to use various attachments including winch, forks, buckets, and man cages. Learn to set, position, lift, transport, and retrieve loads safely and accurately.

7. 360 Teleporter Operations: Gain proficiency in placing and retrieving loads using full 360-degree operations, including accurate placement onto towers, vehicle beds, and stacking procedures while ensuring compliance with safe working parameters.

8. Loading/Unloading Procedures: Understand loading and unloading procedures for machine transportation, ensuring adherence to safety protocols and regulations.

Join our course today to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and efficient 360 Telescopic Handler operation..



- Must be 18 years of age
- Solas Safe Pass Card. 
- CSCS Card for the Telescopic Handler card.
-  CSCS Slinger Signaller / Banksman card (recommended, not mandatory yet).

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