Tractor Dozer - New Entrant

Course Description

The New Entrant Course for Tractor Dozer is a comprehensive three-day training program designed for individuals who are new to operating a tractor dozer. This course focuses on providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate the equipment within a supervised environment. 

The course begins with a registration and induction session on Day One, where new entrants are familiarized with the course objectives and expectations. 

On Day Two, participants receive an introduction to the machine, covering important aspects such as:

- The Machine Operators Manual

- Machine maintenance checks

- Machine operation

- Machine safety awareness

- Preparation of the machine for movement

- Traveling the machine, and various machine operations.


Day Three focuses on further machine operations. During the practical test, candidates will be required to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks specific to the operation of a tractor dozer. These tasks include setting up for operation, operating the machine effectively, and properly parking and securing the machine. The practical test has a maximum time limit within which all tasks must be completed.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates receive a Solas log book that allows them to work under supervision. Once they have completed a log book detailing six months of work experience, they become eligible for assessment to obtain the relevant QSCS CARD, which further validates their competence in operating a tractor dozer.

With a course duration of three days, the New Entrant Course for Tractor Dozer equips individuals with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.


1. Have at least three months General Site Experience

2. Be at least 18 years of age

3. Hold a Valid Safe Pass Card


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