Articulated Dumper - New Entrant QSCS

Course Description

The New Entrant Course for operating a rigid dumper focuses on providing comprehensive training to individuals who are new to the field.

Upon completion of this course, candidates will receive a Solas log book, enabling them to work under supervision. Once they have completed the log book detailing six months of work experience, candidates can undergo assessment for the relevant QSCS CARD.

The course is structured over three days to ensure a thorough understanding of operating a rigid dumper.

Day One begins with an induction session, where new entrants will register and receive an introduction to the course. This session sets the foundation for the training ahead.

Day Two is dedicated to the introduction of the machine. Candidates will receive instructions on various aspects, including an induction to:

- The Machine Operators Manual

- Machine maintenance checks

- Machine operation

- Machine safety awareness

- Preparing the machine for movement

- Traveling the machine, and general machine operations.


Day Three focuses on continued machine operations. Candidates will be assessed through a practical test, demonstrating their ability to perform tasks related to the plant equipment being tested. The practical test has a maximum time limit within which all tasks must be completed. The tasks include setting up for operation, performing operations, and parking and securing the machine.

With a course duration of three days, this program ensures that new entrants receive comprehensive training, practice, and assessment to safely operate a rigid dumper.

The Solas log book obtained upon completion allows candidates to work under supervision, and upon accumulating six months of work experience, they can pursue assessment for the relevant QSCS CARD, recognizing their competency in the field.


1. Have at least three months General Site Experience

2. Be at least 18 years of age

3. Hold a Valid Safe Pass Card

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