180 Degree Excavator - Experienced Operator QSCS

Course Description

The 180 Degree Excavator Operation Course is designed to provide experienced quarry plant operators with the opportunity to gain recognition for their skills and knowledge through certification. This comprehensive program focuses on safe and efficient operation of the 180-degree excavator, ensuring participants develop the necessary competencies associated with plant operations.

The course begins with registration and induction, providing a smooth transition into the training. Candidates then undergo a 3-hour corrective training session with the course instructor, addressing any areas that require improvement.

A theory test follows the corrective training, allowing candidates 45 minutes to complete a multi-choice question paper. The test covers various subjects including:


- Employer and employee responsibilities

- Safe working practices

- Machine components and functions

- Correct operating techniques

- Pre-use checks

- Basic maintenance

- Road travel (where permitted)

- Material and load characteristics

- Quarry safety

- Shutdown and securing procedures.

The questions are based on the topics covered during the corrective training.


For the practical test, candidates demonstrate their skills by performing tasks with the 180-degree excavator. The practical test has a maximum time limit for completing all tasks.

Upon meeting the required standard, candidates receive feedback and certification. NCTS Ltd will forward the relevant assessment documentation to Solas for certification and registration.

If candidates have any specific assessment requirements, such as the need for a translator, reader/writer, or other forms of assistance, NCTS Ltd must be informed in advance to make appropriate arrangements. All information regarding assessment requirements will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

The course has a duration of one day, providing a focused and efficient learning experience for participants to develop the necessary skills for safely operating a 180-degree excavator.


1. Have a minimum of six months of full-time quarry experience operating the relevant plant equipment within the past two years. 

2. Be at least 18 years old to ensure maturity and readiness for operating a 180-degree excavator.

3.Have successfully completed Safety Awareness Training. This training ensures candidates have the necessary knowledge to maintain a safe working environment.

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