Lantra Accredited Basic Chainsaw Operations and Maintenance Training

Course Description

This NCTS Ltd course is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate a chainsaw by educating them on safe work procedures and saw handling principles. Although developed for the forest industry, this course is open to anyone interested in acquiring basic chainsaw operation and maintenance skills. It is important to note that this training does not qualify participants to perform bucking cuts on steep terrain or tree falling, as these activities require more advanced skills training.


Upon completion of this training, all participants will be equipped with the following abilities:

1. Identify relevant Occupational Health and Safety regulations pertaining to chainsaw operation.

2. Select appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other necessary equipment.

3. Plan for trimming and cutting tasks effectively and efficiently.

4. Visually assess felled trees for potential hazards.

5. Perform essential saw maintenance, including correct chain filing procedures and safe cutting techniques.

6. Develop a comprehensive cutting plan.

7. Identify potential hazards during bucking and limbing and execute basic chainsaw bucking cuts on level terrain in forestry operations and similar activities. Additionally, participants will learn basic chainsaw cutting techniques applicable in manufacturing plants.

8. Safely and correctly utilize the chainsaw during various cutting tasks.

9. Complete routine equipment maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


The Basic Chainsaw Operations and Maintenance Training course is conducted over a single day, allowing participants to acquire the essential skills and knowledge efficiently.

By successfully completing this course, participants will possess the foundational competence required for safe chainsaw operation and maintenance. Whether you are involved in forestry, manufacturing, or any other field that involves the use of chainsaws, this training will empower you with the skills necessary to carry out basic chainsaw tasks effectively and in compliance with occupational safety regulations.

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