Boat Mounted Crane

Course Description

These sea crane (HIAB on a boat) training courses are designed for operators of ship, vessel, deck, barge or pedestal mounted hydraulic cranes.

The hydraulic crane training courses can also cover the use of any dockside mounted hydraulic cranes. The sea crane training programs are suitable for a wide range of industries:

Aquaculture and Mariculture

Marine Research

Marine Construction

Supply and support vessels

Rescue and Emergency

Dredging and Subsea

Our sea crane training includes training in the selection, inspection and correct use of wire rope, webbing and chain slings as well as other lifting equipment in general use such as shackles and eyebolts as well as specific attachments:

Spreader frames for boat deployment

Pallet forks

Pallet bars

Cargo nets

Cylinder cages

Winches and hoists

Course Content; 

Specific use for which the crane is intended

Correct methods of use with explanations regarding incorrect methods and dangerous practices

Recognition of the marking of equipment and its meaning together with an explanation of limitations

Daily check procedures for ship mounted cranes

Pre lift checks including environment, load, angle estimation and pre-use equipment checks

Correct methods of attaching the slings or attachments to the load hook

Lifting and lowering procedures including test lift procedures

Signalling techniques for assisted lifting operations

Possible faults arising from use and the appropriate withdrawal from service procedures

Procedures to be followed upon completion of the lifting operation

Correct care and storage methods of lifting equipment


In addition to the basic crane training we can also cover training on general items of lifting equipment in use:

Flat Webbing Slings

Fibre Round Slings



Wire Rope Slings


Chain Slings

Course Duration; 

1 Day 

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