Abrasive Wheels Training

Course Description

The Abrasive Wheels Course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive instruction on the mounting, operation, handling, and storage of abrasive wheels.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively use abrasive wheels in their respective work environments. The course also includes a practical demonstration to reinforce the concepts learned.

This course is specifically tailored for fitters and operators who utilize abrasive wheels in their daily tasks, as outlined in relevant legislation. It is suitable for individuals working across various industries where abrasive wheel usage is common.

The course covers a wide range of topics to ensure a thorough understanding of abrasive wheel safety and usage. These include an overview of

- Relevant legislation

- Identification of hazards and precautionary measures

- Interpretation of codes and specifications

- Proper storage

- Handling and transportation of wheels

- Inspection and testing procedures

- Components and assembly techniques

- Wheel balance and dressing

- Work rest adjustment

- Compliance with safety and health regulations

- Utilization of advisory literature.


The Abrasive Wheels Course is a half-day program, allowing participants to acquire the essential knowledge and skills within a condensed timeframe. The course provides a focused and practical learning experience that maximizes efficiency and minimizes disruption to work schedules.

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