Manual Handling

Course Description

The Manual Handling course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to conduct all manual handling activities in a manner that will prevent injury.  The course deals with informing participants on the consequences of lifting incorrectly, the philosophy being that if persons understand the consequences of incorrect lifting they will pay more attention to lifting correctly.

Course Description

Introduction to Manual Handling

Legislation on Manual Handling - 2005 Act

Manual Handling Regulations 2007

Manual Handling and the effects on the body 

Principles of lifting and moving techniques

Work place structure in relation to Manual Handling 

Developing lifting and moving techniques to overcome the risks involved                                         

Lifting and moving different types of loads;

•Lifting from the floor
•Lifting from the table
•Lifting from low to high
•Handling different types of loads, balanced, unbalanced
•Pushing and pulling


•Practical Assessment
•Feedback on Examination

Course Duration:

Half Day 



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