Basic Fire Safety Training

Course Description

Fire poses a significant risk in the workplace. The Health & Safety Authority has a role in monitoring employers' management of fire risk.  The purpose of the Fire Services Act is to clearly assign responsibility of Fire safety to those who own, occupy, manage or work in the premises. This programme is essential for all workplaces where one or more trained fire safety officers are delegated responsibility for fire prevention.

Course Content;

Select and use appropriate fire fighting equipment

Follow evacuation procedures

Identify fire hazards in the workplace

Describe the chemistry of fire

Fire safety legislation (Overview)

Understanding the physics and chemistry of fire

Development and spread of fire

Action in the event of fire

Means of raising alarm

Means of summoning the fire brigade

Action on hearing the fire alarm

Evacuation procedures

Practical demonstration in the use of foam and CO2 fire extinguishers using our state of the art gas fired training system. 

Course Duration

1 Day

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