180 Degree Excavator - New Entrant QSCS

Course Description

The 180 Degree Excavator Operation Course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate a 180-degree excavator. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a Solas log book, allowing them to work under supervision. Once the log book documents six months of work experience, candidates can undergo assessment for the relevant QSCS CARD, validating their competence in operating the excavator.

The course spans three days, beginning with an induction for new entrants, including registration and orientation. On the second day, participants will receive comprehensive instruction on various aspects of operating the excavator. This includes:

- Introduction to the machine and its operator's manual

- Machine maintenance checks

- Safe operation techniques

- Machine safety awareness

- Preparing the machine for movement

- Traveling with the machine

- Executing machine operations


During the third day, participants will continue with machine operations and undergo a practical test. This test requires candidates to demonstrate their proficiency in performing tasks associated with the excavator. These tasks include:

- Setting up the machine for operation

- Carrying out the actual operation

- Properly parking and securing the machine

It is important to note that the practical test has a set maximum time for completion.


The course duration is three days, providing participants with a comprehensive training experience that equips them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to operate a 180-degree excavator safely and efficiently. The Solas log book received upon completion allows participants to work under supervision, and upon accumulating six months of work experience documented in the log book, candidates can pursue assessment for the relevant QSCS CARD to further validate their competence in excavator operation.


1. Have at least three months General Site Experience

2. Be at least 18 years of age

3. Hold a Valid Safe Pass Card

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